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Hey Hey guys and (maybe)girls? ok so let me give you a little information about myself and what this blog is all about,So me first! I'm 20 years old I live in England with my family I am a BIG music fan I like all types of rock music, I play guitar in a band our style? think Blink-182 meets the cure I also record my own music, other major interests include gaming, movies,and BEER!!!! haha, ok enough about me as for the blog I intend to do reviews on games, movies,and other cool stuff and also try to help you guys out (should you need it) with stuff like how to record your own music IE (What hardware and software to use), how to start playing the guitar and even what classes to use on call of duty! haha seriously anything I can help with I'll help you,So yeah in the words of mr leeroy jenkins LETS DO THIS!!!! XD

Friday, 24 September 2010

Recording gameplay (Capture cards)

Hey guys so just giving you a little information on how to record your gameplay whether it's on the xbox, ps3 or other, now if your like me and want to record games IE modern warfare 2 and upload them onto youtube or machinima respawn here is a list of the most popular capture cards to buy and also how to get your vids up on machinima respawn.

Ok so first the cheapest one and it's called EASYCAP it records in 720x480 resolution its a good capture card if your just starting out you can pick one up for around £10.


The next is called a DAZZLE VIDEO CREATOR PLATINUM it records in 720x480 NTSC
720x576 PALyou can pick on of these up for around £60 from what ive been reading some people say that dazzle is the same quality as the easycap but then others are saying the dazzle is alot better than the easycap so i'm confused but such a massive difference in price surely the dazzle is better right?

So we have had a look at the cheapest to mid range capture card and without getting too silly in price this is the one i heard  pyrotoz (who is a machinima respawn editor) say in one of his vids that he and pretty much all the video editors use now is called a HAUPPAUGE HD PVR now these record in 1080 resolution and will set you back around £150 but with such great quality it seems well worth it


Ok guys so as far as i can tell those are the most popular capture cards on the market and now as promised here's how to get your video's up on machinima respawn (and maybe even get paid for it if you become a editor)
1. Download DropBox (Google it)
2. Move ur video to the public folder when u downloaded it
3. Right Click Video>Dropbox>Copy link
4. Once u got the link then send an email to respawn@machinima.com or info@machinima.com with the link inside it.
5. Just wait.

So there you have it a guide on capture cards and how to get your gaming vids up on machinima respawn, please follow my page and next time i will be doing a post on  call of duty black ops...